Mother Teresa Cultural Foundation in cooperation with Rt Hon the Lord Watson of Richmond in London honors together the figure of Mother Teresa in a memorial meeting at Westminster Abbey Cathedral of United Kingdom's capital. The meeting, which follows the successful activities and exhibitions both in Albanian and abroad, as an effort to transmit and promote the values of Mother Teresa was preceded by a mass which originally was held to honor the Blessed Mother Teresa.

Ekspozita nė Londėr

On behalf of Mother Teresa Cultural Foundation, Dr. Liri Berisha, appraising this effort of Lord Watson of Richmond and other supporters, said that this event coincides with the 100th Anniversary of the Independence of the Albania and she was very happy that the most prominent figure of the first century of Albanian State is also the most internationally recognized.

"Mother Teresa was described as the human being who made love a profession was the saints of modern times. She often said: "Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness." Mother Teresa was Albanian. She was born and grew up in an Albanian family in the turmoil Balkan of the early 19th Century. Mother Teresa belongs to Albanian culture, traditions and virtues, she grew up and was educated by her family with hospitality for friends, the culture of helping those in need, the sense of sacrifice for people."

Lord Watson of Richmond who expressed his interest regarding the Foundation's activities during an earlier visit to Tirana, in his speech about Mother Teresa said that this memorial meeting was for what Mother Teresa did, what she was and - not because of the places she built, things she owned or the money she received.

"Here in the Undercroft of Westminster Abbey Cathedral we are surrounded by memories of famous men and women who served this country well, such as Queen Elizabeth I and Admiral Nelson.
Mother Teresa served the world by seeing in each Human Being the face of God, no matter how destitute, ill or vulnerable they were. She was by blood Albanian and she has served the country well, not by working for it, but by enabling us to see the humanity in a different way. I feel privileged to have been involved in this memorial exhibition and I am grateful to all those who made it possible.”

Mother Teresa Cultural Foundation gave the guests the album "Mother Teresa. A girl named Gonxhe" where through ethnographic objects and photographs, it is witnessed the cultural cradle where Mother Teresa was born and raised and how she came from a family not only in good economic condition, but rich in humanism culture with which she was educated since childhood.
Representatives of the Diplomatic Corps in London, Albanian Embassy to London, the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, compatriots and friends of the foundation participated in this event.