Memorial for Mother Teresa,
a home for national values

Zj. Lirie Berisha, Zj. Jozefina Topalli, Z. Ferdinand Xhaferaj

Architectural project to build a memorial in honor of Mother Teresa, who will start to be constructed early next year, was introduced from "Mother Teresa" Cultural Foundation with the President Mrs. Liri Berisha in the 100th anniversary of birth of Mother Teresa, the Albanian Nobelist, in Tirana. In her speech, Liri Berisha among others said for national values cannot be created in a day or a few years, but they are created during centuries, as happens in our history that has given many prominent figures and personalities within and outside the country. "The Albanian nation has invested during its existence to bring these remarkable people, but unfortunately there have been made mistakes.

These great figures of the nation leave traces in history and should be examples for this and future generations. One of the climaxes of our nation's values is and remains the major figure of Mother Teresa, "she said. Furthermore, Mrs. Liri Berisha praised Mother Teresa, saying that "the name Mother is a word which encompasses all the values symbolized by Mother Teresa, love, compassion, charity, dedication, hope. It is these values taken together that inspired us to establish our "Mother Theresa" Cultural Foundation.

In this context", she added, "One of the main objectives of the Foundation, written at the beginning of the Statute, is to establish a cultural and museum center "Memorial for Mother Teresa." There are two reasons why the foundation is doing it. First, an apology to Mother Teresa for unfairly denying that was made to her during the 50 years of dictatorial regime of that time. Secondly, to educate younger generations about the true values and actions that Mother Teresa has carried throughout her life. The memorial is a sign of respect and gratitude for the work of Albanian humanist, Mother Teresa, and echoing her noble mission, mission that will be reinforced and followed through the construction of the Memorial in Her honor. This memorial will not only be the home of Mother Teresa's value, but the home of nation's values, "said Mrs. Berisha." This project beside of being a museum center honoring the most beautiful and universal Albanian values , it is thought to be a true active center in promoting cultural values of Mother Teresa, her teachings and aspirations for the core and profoundly human dimension of modern society ", concluded her speech, Mrs. Liri Berisha.

The memorial, library, mediatheca with photos, videos and audio from the life of Mother Teresa

Ferdinand Xhaferaj, minister of MTKRS, expressed his gratitude for "Mother Theresa" Cultural Foundation for the numerous gifts. According to him, "the draft-project" of the memorial is not the only gift. Foundation, during this year has organized many exhibitions within and outside the country in honor of the great humanist, Mother Teresa." Mother Teresa memorial will be built on the "Mother Teresa" square between Rectorate and Albanological Studies Centre and will be three floors building, among them even an underground floor. According to Marin Biçoku, the architect, "This Memorial will begin its construction next year. The objectives of building this memorial are forgiveness, memory and continuity, while its functions will be permanent; it is a library and mediatheca with pictures, video and audio from Mother Teresa's life. Memorial's spaces will be constructed in order to be attractive to all ages. The building will contain the hospitality room, reading room, museum, garden, children's room prayer and yard, "said architect Biçoku during the presentation of the project. This presentation was attended by Jozefina Topalli, Speaker of Parliament, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports, Ferdinand Xhaferaj, representatives of diplomatic corps, religious communities, and members of the arts, culture and friends invited from the "Mother Theresa" Cultural Foundation.